Subject: Re: multiprocessor i386 1.6ZH system crash
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/11/2004 00:43:50
D.C. wrote

>You just need another machine with a serial port running
>cu/tip/kermit/whatever, and a "cross over" cable.
is there any how-to or instructions how to set-up such thing? i think
i should be able to get free some computer, but i haven't setup
serial connection yet... how do i force my machine to output to
serial port instead of the console (i.e. monitor at this pc)?

now i got an idea. i'll try my 1.6zh kernel with the debug options,
open the console and start the jobs that could lock the computer from
another machine. if i'll succeed, i should see the messages on the 
"physical" console. am i right or is this just silly idea?

> Now, as to the actual problem - I have seen it too. Please try a
> truly-current kernel, there was at least one locking fix made by yamt
> recently, though I haven't yet had time to try it myself and learn if
> its relevant to this lockup.
ok, i'll try it tomorrow (huh, today, it's already wednesday :o)... will
newest -current kernel alone be ok, or should i build the new userland,

too? it will take some time so i'll also try my "test" described before

(if it is not totally "out")



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