Subject: Additional anoncvs servers (was: Problems with anoncvs)
To: <>
From: Eric Schnoebelen <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/09/2004 23:03:09
Douglas Wade Needham writes:
- Quoting Soren Jacobsen (
- > On 02/06 19:39, Douglas Wade Needham wrote:
- > > And speaking of mirrors. [...]
- > >                   Worse, I only see one mirror in North America now.
- >
- >; CVS_RSH=ssh
- Yep, saw that one, and like I said, it is the only NA CVS mirror.

	Ok, I'll announce the following mirror.  It runs about
24 hours delayed..
	password: anoncvs

	I may regret this.. :-)  But if nothing else, it'll help me
get the bugs shaken out of my cvsd port..

	Oh, there are also mirrors of Dragonfly, OpenBSD, and
FreeBSD under the expected directories as well.

Eric Schnoebelen
      "A supercomputer is any computer which turns a CPU bound problem
		into an I/O bound problem." -- Unknown