Subject: Re: Can we extend VolumeGroup after creation?
To: ahmed mohiuddin <>
From: System Administrator <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/09/2004 19:48:12
While the AIX specific answer is below, what does it have to do with 

In AIX the answer is a qualified YES -- qualified in that ultimately 
there is a limit to the size of the volume group which varies based on 
some key parameters (namely PP size and concurrent capability). For 
proper operation, LVM has an internal limitation of 1016 PPs per PV, 
and 32 PVs per concurrent-capable VG.

On 8 Feb 2004 at 22:47, ahmed mohiuddin wrote:

> Hi,=A0Can u guys tel me, i have created a VolumeGroup(myvg) of 120GB siz=
> which holds oraclefiles and these files will be access by 2nodes which
> are on cluster.=A0So can you please tell that i can increase the size of
> VolumeGroup or i cannot?=A0Will AIX allows us to increase size of
> VolumeGroup in the Future?=A0Please Advise.Ahmed
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