Subject: Re: multiprocessor i386 1.6ZH (was 1.6ZC) system crash
To: None <>
From: Christian Biere <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/09/2004 16:04:38
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> it seems that the old story (i reported it in 10/2003 for the first time)
> continues.
> the problem was hard-lockups of my dual p3/800mhz machine. that time i had

I've experienced 4 or 5 them in the last weeks.=20

> 1.6zc kernel and userland. i updated to 1.6zh and it seemed to work fine,
> but

I'm using 1.6ZH and can't remember I've seen this before with 1.6.

> -problem occurs only when MP kernel is used (i've never experienced it on
> the same computer when running SP)

I don't use MP but I use apic(4) just because I can. Maybe that's the key?

> -x is running on the computer
> -reset button needed - both keyboard and network access are dead
> -nothing is in logs
> -appears randomly - i worked with the machine for 3 weeks without problems
> and then i got 3 hangups in one day...


> -lock happens only when using gzip (or tar with "z" switch) - last time
> it locked

Not exactly but, at least, the last time it was checking checksums of
rather big files when I switched back from wscons to X and after a few
seconds while still trying to restore the screen and with the harddisks
pretty noisy, it locked up just like that.
> is it possible that something is broken in gzip/gunzip? but why would it
> be connected to MP kernel?

Could be IRQ(apic) related or some UVM race. Just guessing.


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