Subject: Re: Problems with anoncvs (was Re: My cvs update just took 11:57 (12 hours!))
To: None <>
From: Douglas Wade Needham <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/07/2004 15:13:13

Quoting Soren Jacobsen (
> On 02/06 19:39, Douglas Wade Needham wrote:
> > And speaking of mirrors.  The few times I have used a mirror, I found
> > it was either slower, or massively out-of-date (sometimes almost a
> > week).  This is not helpful when you are trying to track current or a
> > pending release.  Worse, I only see one mirror in North America now.
> > This means that if I have problems with it, I must use the
> > intercontinental links with the higher latency involved in those
> > links.  Of course, if anoncvs is going to be this bad, perhaps a 6
> > hour update is better than a 12 hour one or none at all.
>; CVS_RSH=ssh

Yep, saw that one, and like I said, it is the only NA CVS mirror.  Of
course, should I decide to switch over to it, I have to go through my
CVS Root files and fix them up.  But if it is down, or has not synced
for some reason, then I am back in the same boat.  Worse, imagine
this...everyone in NA decides to switch over to it.  This means that a
significant portion of those probably using are
probably going to end up on the server at Stevens Tech, which makes
things no better than before.  What we really need is a number of
machines setup the same way with some form of round robin (say a DNS
rotary) or load balancing.  This way, we could do things like and have it give the list of addresses.

BTW...the DNS rotary is what I had setup at CompuServe, when I was
supporting over 10K simultaneous news reader connections to a bank of
21 INN servers on P90's with 256MB of RAM running BSD/OS.  The
configuration even went so far as to have the DNS give preferential
lookups based on the data center in which we had the X.25 connections
terminating (and being converted back to IP).  All the CIS customer
had to know was that they entered "" in their
client and they were set. preliminary glance at my attempt to update last night appears
to have worked, at least where the server connection is concerned.
More on the issue I did have in a bit.

- Doug

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