Subject: Re: makestrs & release MKX11=yes
To: None <>
From: Tyler Retzlaff <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/05/2004 02:52:58
> I'm looking for the category to file a PR against for something under
> src/x11.  Doing a parallel build of src/x11 fails because a host-tool
> "makestrs" does not get built early enough for the make target 
> "include-libs". Arguably, it should be moved from src/x11/lib/Xt/
> into src/x11/tools/.

Moving it to tools seems sensible to me.  I'l deal with this tomorrow
providing someone else doesn't get to it first.

Just so you know x11 specific questions could probably be directed to, I usually read it more often than current-users.

As for filing PRs related to src/x11 I'm not sure where is appropriate
I suppose toolchain may fit, but others may feel more strongly about
where they should go.


Tyler R. Retzlaff <>