Subject: RE: Non strict REQUIRE/BEFORE in rcorder(8)
To: 'Jason Thorpe' <>
From: James Graham <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/04/2004 08:49:47
The largest problem I see with this is that the things in /etc/rc.d will
get run before /usr/{local,pkg}/etc/rc.d, which is where most of the
third-party stuff is destined, and that of course won't be taken
into account by the initial run of rcorder -- it has to happen in
/etc/rc.d/local (which seems to me to have its own very special
as ${LOCALBASE}/etc/rc.d cannot depend on anything in /etc/rc.d
due to not being able to resolve those dependencies).


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Subject: Re: Non strict REQUIRE/BEFORE in rcorder(8)

On Feb 4, 2004, at 8:18 AM, Mike M. Volokhov wrote:

> When we create some rcorder compliant script, it is always covenient
> specify some dependencies on few other scripts. This is available via
> REQUIRE/BEFORE keywords.
> But if that keywords will contains non-existent providers, this will
> treated as error. At the other hand, there are may be some cases when
> that way is not an errorous one and in addition is very covenient.

Yah, I've been wanting a feature like that, as well.

Perhaps it's better written as new keywords:


I think that makes it a little more obvious than a ? at the end of the 

         -- Jason R. Thorpe <>