Subject: etcupdate
To: None <>
From: Arto Huusko <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/04/2004 14:21:29

I'm just updating my system to 1.6ZI and running etcupdate.

Something that has always been bugging me is the situation
where etcupdate runs diff between the old /etc file and the
new one, and the differences between the files doesn't take
more than one screen, but the diff + etcupdate prompt do
take more than one screen.

etcupdate prompt (Please select one of the following...)
takes 11 lines. Let's say diff between the files is 20
lines. When given for more(1), more does nothing and just
displays the diffs. Then etcupdate prints the prompt,
and scrolls pieces of the diff off display.

Is there some trick, and could this be etcupdate default,
to make more(1) stop always when it shows the diff.

  -- Arto