Subject: Re: SLIP/serial driver Problem?
To: None <>
From: Richard Rauch <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/03/2004 15:18:35
I would like to add to the point about SLIP (as opposed to ditching it for
PPP) that we have in the past had SLIP includedd on install media.

This made it possible to boot from floppy on a machine that had only a serial
port (no (supported) ethernet) and complete the process over a network
connection, albeit a slow one.

I've made use of that a time or two myself.

If there's space enough in the INSTALL to add PPP, I'm not really stuck
on SLIP.  But if PPP can't be shoehorned into the installation boot
image, or might not have a guaranteed reserved spot when space is tight,
then it might be wiser to keep SLIP and fix it,

Also, in addition to the point about embedded devices, I seem to recall
that I preferred SLIP on my Amiga.  (Maybe it was performance reasons?
Or maybe that the only PPP I had that worked with AmiTCP/IP was a shareware
SANA-2 protocol module, which I felt was overpriced?  It's been a few

...just my opinion.

  "I probably don't know what I'm talking about."