Subject: RE: tar becomes (too ?) picky.
To: Martin Weber <>
From: Conrad T. Pino <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/03/2004 01:52:53
Hi Martin,

> > tar: Unable to append, archive header flaw
> > tar: Cannot append to an archive that may have flaws.
> I think that was caused by the broken '-r' which was fixed lately.[1]

Thank you.

> > 2. After several files the "tar rf ..." command fails.
> This should be fixed now.[1]

Thank you.

> > 3. A "tar tf" operation shows "header flaw" occurs BEFORE the
> > end of archive:
> This should be fixed now, too.[1]

Thank you.
> > (...)
> > Am I doing *something* wrong or is this a bug in NetBSD tar implementation?
> I think it's a matter of philosophy, whether tar -rf to an empty file
> (archive) should work or not. I feel it should, but well. The other
> problems with appending hopefully are gone now.

I hope so too.

Martin, you may not be the *one* but I *know* there's a NetBSD god watching
over us and today you *are* the NetBSD angel.