Subject: Re: "cvs update: move away src/file.whatever; it is in the way"
To: None <>
From: Art Lemasters <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/01/2004 21:09:43
Art Lemasters wrote:
> Two Questions:
>   I'm on a slow connection. After the feed stopped during the first
> cvs checkout attempt, several attempts to update have met something
> like, "cvs update: move away src/file.whatever; it is in the way."
> ...can't get it all at once and wish there was something comparable
> to ftp regets for this that would work.
>   Does that message from the cvs server really mean, for sure, that
> something is wrong--something that would stop the build from happening
> right?  Is there any way to do a clean cvs checkout/update with a slow
> connection?
>   And how can this be done with ssh?  The following, per documentation
> instruction, is not working.
>     "*
>       Hoboken, NJ
>       Instructions: for ssh: 
> '; CVS_RSH=ssh'."
> So would it be alright to use this, for example, instead?
>; CVS_RSH=ssh
> And would it work?

   Oh...and one other bit of information.  To start the checkout,
I did this.

cvs -z5 checkout -PA src