Subject: Mozilla problems
To: None <>
From: Joachim Thiemann <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/30/2004 11:16:04
Since everyone else seems to have problems, I can add my observations:

System: fairly recent build, 1.6ZG
Mozilla from pkgsrc-current (mozilla-gtk2) (1.6 at the moment)
Same behaviour observed with mozilla 1.5.mumble and 1.6 using gtk1
Behaviour observed under kde3 and fluxbox

Mozilla starts fine from the command line, loads its home page, displays it.  
I can scroll and click on links.

As soon as a keyboard event is sent (to anywhere in the window) the window 
hangs.  That is the process is not updating it anymore, nor responding to 
any events (every X11 user has seen that happen to some X app, no?)  Only 
way to get rid of the window is to kill the process, Ctrl-C on the command 
line works...

I'm sticking to konquereor for now...