Subject: Re: Strange console output
To: None <>
From: Hernani Marques Madeira <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/30/2004 09:36:32
> > > Do you have something like "LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/pkg/lib" in your
> > > shell startup file (e.g., ~/.profile)? That's a bad idea in
> > > general. I doubt it's the source of this problem but I'd advise
> > > against it.
> > No, only in the PATH variable (on its end).

I meant that I have /usr/pkg/bin and sbin at the end of PATH what's not
relevant, sry.

> Did you add /usr/pkg/lib to your /etc/ That would be even
> worse because it affected every user and e.g., you might have two or
> more versions and in different paths. I mean
> your sh or tput isn't linked against anything from /usr/pkg/lib, is
> it?

No they are not linked against it (built with tools). And yes I had 
/usr/pkg/lib in /etc/,
because there are libs that otherwise had not been found by some
non-pkgsrc programs I tested once. But now it's not
longer needed. I've removed it. Thanks.

> > > $ env|grep TERM
> > Should I recompile the kernel with ``options WSEMUL_VT220'' (*argh*)
> > to give you the output?
> Don't you still have the old kernel as /onetbsd?

Nope for that kernel not. But I've compiled a new one.

Okay, here's the output of env|grep TERM on a ttyE*:

Here's the output of env|grep TERM on a xterm (ttyp*):
TERMCAP=xterm|vs100|xterm terminal emulator (X Window

And the output after executing ``login'' on a xterm (ttyp*):

> There's no termcap description for "su" which would explain the
> tgetent failure. 

If I su on a ttyE* or a ttyp* (after using ``login'') it works -- given
that I use sh or csh as standard shell for root (compiled with tools).

But, if I set tcsh as standard shell (for root) that's compiled
from pkgsrc it works only on ttyE*, on ttyp* (after using ``login'')
I get the following:

<*_*> su
_tcsh: No entry for terminal type "networ"
_tcsh: using dumb terminal settings.
www# clear
tput: tgetent failure: No such file or directory

> The other output from your
> first login screen appears still strange. TERM was probably set to
> vt220 or xterm but not vt100 due to the '2' but it wasn't interpreted
> at all. This might be a bug in the terminal emulator (i.e., in the
> kernel) but I'm not sure. Maybe, it's that in /etc/ttys the terminals
> are set to vt100?

console is set to vt100.
ttyE0 is set to vt220 but with status off.
ttyE1 to ttyE7 are set to vt220.

The ttyp* are set to network what's the reason why the last snip above
has as TERM networ (where's the terminating k? :)

I'm willing to do more testing, say what I have to provide.

Thanks for the help (and that you are concering you with this)!

> -- 
> Christian