Subject: Re: Strange console output
To: None <>
From: Christian Biere <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/30/2004 01:47:18
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Hernani Marques Madeira wrote:
> > Do you have something like "LD_LIBRARY_PATH=3D/usr/pkg/lib" in your
> > shell startup file (e.g., ~/.profile)? That's a bad idea in general. I
> > doubt it's the source of this problem but I'd advise against it.
> No, only in the PATH variable (on its end).

Did you add /usr/pkg/lib to your /etc/ That would be even
worse because it affected every user and e.g., you might have two or
more versions and in different paths. I mean
your sh or tput isn't linked against anything from /usr/pkg/lib, is it?
> > $ env|grep TERM
> Should I recompile the kernel with ``options WSEMUL_VT220'' (*argh*) to g=
> you the output?

Don't you still have the old kernel as /onetbsd?

> Because the system is running well now with the standard of *_VT100.

It would be interesting to know what TERM was set to. I guess I have
partly solved this riddle. I think in your xterm it was set to "su" as
mentioned in login.conf(5). There's no termcap description for "su" which
would explain the tgetent failure. The other output from your first login
screen appears still strange. TERM was probably set to vt220 or xterm but
not vt100 due to the '2' but it wasn't interpreted at all. This might
be a bug in the terminal emulator (i.e., in the kernel) but I'm not sure.
Maybe, it's that in /etc/ttys the terminals are set to vt100?


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