Subject: Anyone using current NetBSD with current mozilla?
To: NetBSD-current <>
From: Bryan P <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/29/2004 13:56:55

For the last couple months, I've been having problems with current
NetBSD/i386 and mozilla.  Prior to that, when I was on an earlier current,
I had no issues.  The problem began after updating kernel and userspace to
the at-that-time latest.  Immediately after the update, my mozilla began to
freeze shortly after startup.  The freezes are triggered by operations that
would seem to possibly tax the use of threads.  For example, sliding a
scrollbar while a page is still loading, or trying to load two pages at
once using tabs.  Once frozen, it never comes back.

The problem has persisted through updates of both NetBSD and mozilla, each
up to hours-old sources.

I have ktraced the running mozilla, and the last bit of interesting stuff
where it locks up is included:

  2866 mozilla-bin 1075411391.731823 CALL  recvfrom(33,145825792,65536,0,1342510152,1342510108)
  2866 mozilla-bin 1075411391.731841 GIO   fd 33 read 101 bytes
        hostmaster\M-@4wc\M-V\M-x\0\08@\0\0\^N\^P\0     :\M^@\0\0\^C\M^D"
  2866 mozilla-bin 1075411391.731850 RET   recvfrom 101/0x65
  2866 mozilla-bin 1075411391.731862 CALL  __sigprocmask14(0x3,1212308900,0)
  2866 mozilla-bin 1075411391.731869 RET   __sigprocmask14 0
  2866 mozilla-bin 1075411391.731876 CALL  recvfrom(33,147566592,65536,0,1342592072,1342592028)

----/\ Here is where it froze and I CTRL-C the ktrace.  So it would appear
to be blocked in recvfrom().

  2866 mozilla-bin 1075411401.602545 RET   recvfrom -1 errno 4 Interrupted system call
  2866 mozilla-bin 1075411401.602643 PSIG  SIGINT caught handler=0x490089a0 mask=(14))
  2866 mozilla-bin 1075411401.602733 CALL  unlink(135614272)
  2866 mozilla-bin 1075411401.602754 NAMI  "/usr/home/bryan/.mozilla/default/he3spmjk.slt/lock"
  2866 mozilla-bin 1075411401.602948 RET   unlink 0
  2866 mozilla-bin 1075411401.602991 CALL  __sigaction_sigtramp(0x2,1342591688,0,1212646740,0x1)
  2866 mozilla-bin 1075411401.603006 RET   __sigaction_sigtramp 0
  2866 mozilla-bin 1075411401.603051 CALL  __sigprocmask14(0x3,1212308900,0)
  2866 mozilla-bin 1075411401.603059 RET   __sigprocmask14 0
  2866 mozilla-bin 1075411401.603120 CALL  getpid
  2866 mozilla-bin 1075411401.603127 RET   getpid 2866/0xb32
  2866 mozilla-bin 1075411401.603179 CALL  kill(2866, SIGINT)
  2866 mozilla-bin 1075411401.603189 RET   kill 0
  2866 mozilla-bin 1075411401.603196 PSIG  SIGINT SIG_DFL

The setting of net.inet6.ip6.v6only makes no difference.

If anybody is successfully using mozilla native on NetBSD-current/i386,
please let me know if you do not have the lockup problem.  If you don't, I
would very much appreciate to see your mozilla-config.h and/or settings you
used for ./configure.