Subject: Re: Strange console output
To: None <>
From: Christian Biere <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/29/2004 02:06:11
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Hernani Marques Madeira wrote:
>  24506 sh       NAMI  "/usr/pkg/lib/"
>  24506 sh       RET   open -1 errno 2 No such file or directory
>  24506 sh       CALL  open(1208422592,0,0)
>  24506 sh       NAMI  "/lib/"
>  24506 sh       RET   open 3

Do you have something like "LD_LIBRARY_PATH=3D/usr/pkg/lib" in your
shell startup file (e.g., ~/.profile)? That's a bad idea in general. I
doubt it's the source of this problem but I'd advise against it.

> 	exec tput clear
Oh my, munching the whole BSD license for a trivial one-liner. I think
I'll make it an alias here.

>        "tput: "
>  24506 tput     RET   write 6
>  24506 tput     CALL  write(0x2,0xbfbfe9b0,15)
>  24506 tput     GIO   fd 2 wrote 15 bytes
>        "tgetent failure"

Alright. It doesn't look like there's really a file missing. I guess, either
guess your termcap database is damaged or TERM is set to a terminal type
you don't have a entry for at all. What's the output of the following?

$ env|grep TERM

Do you have ncurses installed? If yes what's the output of this:

$ TERMCAP=3D/usr/share/misc/termcap captoinfo


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