Subject: -current slowly hangs
To: None <>
From: Daniel Carosone <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/19/2004 19:03:42
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 [ I've been rather busy this past week, and haven't had a chance to keep
   up with mail. Forgive me and please redirect me to the appropriate
   thread if this is covered elsewhere. ]

I've now several times experienced a strange hang on my laptop, mostly
with a kernel and userland from Jan 11, and now today with a truly
-current kernel (same userland).

It kinda smells like some sort of deadlock, but I haven't really
managed to catch any useful clues at the time.

I first noticed this when trying to fill a filesystem with lots of
files for doing some SAN testing, but I have since had it with more
mundane operations with only the internal disk of the laptop.

If I do something that involves hitting lots of files, like for
example a big CVS update of othersrc+localsrc+htdocs+src+xsrc in one
go, everything goes normally until suddenly all disk activity stops.

For a while (up to a minute or two) after that, things otherwise look
fairly normal, but in fact one process after another is hanging, and
eventually everything (or, at least the X server) hangs.  Even before
then, I can't do much useful, like start new processes to investigate
- each hangs before starting.

I was sorta hoping that various mentions of buffer locking fixes I'd
half seen in scrolling through email might have been a fix being
committed, but it seems not. I just had it again with a 10-minute-old

Sorry I don't have anything more definite to point to - is anyone else
seeing this?


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