Subject: Re: NetBSD logo design competition (updated, with corrections)
To: None <>
From: David Forster <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/15/2004 17:33:41
Ezra Story wrote:
> I figured the iwojima conotations would be the offensive part... I
> can understand that a bit...  only a bit, might you.  I dont get the
> problem with daemon at all.
> I respectfully submit that instead of spending time to come up with
> requirements that toss out a significant amount of brand history to
> satisfy people's fragile constitutions', the netbsd team spend that
> time facilitating the process of getting 2.0(1.7?) out the door.
> Barring that, I suggest that our new mascot be an *invisible*
> daemon, so we won't offend too many blithering religious idiots.
> Ezra far the only people who seem to be talking about the
daemon-devil connection are the blithering anti-religious idiots. ;)

Personally, and speaking as a Christian, the first thing I think of
when I see the BSD daemon is BSD's university roots.  It does, after
all, look like a college football mascot (IMHO).  Maybe the new logo
should be a swooshing-Nike-NFL like daemon logo to say that ``NetBSD
is BSD gone pro.'' [*]

Seriously, though, the problem the TNF is dealing with is that
non-geek people don't know what to make of the logo.  The logo is kind
of clever when you know what BSD is and what NetBSD is trying to do,
but otherwise people fall back to what they do know; the devil and
World War II.  The first thing you have to explain to them is ``No,
it's NOT a devil-worshiping anti-Japanese cult!''  It would be better
to have a logo where you say ``Yes, it really is an OS you can trust
your mission-critical work to.''


[*] See Broncos, Panthers, New England logos, etc.

> Luke Mewburn wrote:
> > Judgment criteria
> > 
> > The new logo shall meet the following requirements:
> >     *	Due to the issues identified above, the current NetBSD
> > 	daemon character cannot be used.
> [...]
> >     *	It must be distinctive in the quality and originality of
> >    	its visual image and not offend any national, cultural or
> > 	religious sensitivity.