Subject: Re: NetBSD logo design competition
To: None <>
From: Christian Biere <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/14/2004 16:41:03
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Chuck Yerkes wrote:
> A daemon:  A pre-christian helper spirit (more or less).

Although gothic stuff can be quite cool (with the exception of
music and clothes) - well, what about a gargoyle? - there
helpers with a more positive carisma:

Fairy, elf (got it?), genie (no, not Barbara Eden).

> The church was big on subverting local beliefs, symbols and
> holidays into their own (no biblical scholar believes that the
> man called christ was born mid-winter, but between solstice
> and saturnalia, it's a fine time to move the holiday too).

Hmm, is there such a big pressure in the US? I absolutely didn't
consider this or PC as a reason. I thought the reason was that
the daemon isn't *Net*BSD-specific enough, a little aged and the
"problem" that it's not owned by NetBSD but McKusick.

> Don't like McKusick and Lassiter's little beastie?  (bsd?  beastie?
> get it?)

Got it (some time ago). But who knows that his(its?) name is Beastie?
So although pretty nice, it won't work without some knowledge of BSD.


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