Subject: Re: NetBSD logo design competition
To: Lagno, DenisX <>
From: Arto Huusko <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/14/2004 17:37:10
Lagno, DenisX wrote:
>>     king of the beasties .... along with several other interesting 
>>Or a cheetah ... runs faster than other animals ....
> yes, I like it.  Felines associate with cleanness.

They also like to prey on the weak and defenceless and kill them for
food. Plus they tend to be somewhat lazy, unless they need to
get the food. So not all associations are quite as nice.

> But also I think it is desired to pass trident from daemon's hands to new logo.

I dunno. I don't mind the daemon, but the Iwo Jima is really
too cluttered and needs to go, I guess. At least if a "professional"
all around logo is needed. I'm just looking at, and
the Iwo Jima logo looks actually pretty good there. But on paper,
CD covers... maybe not.

Anyway, whatever is chosen, I hope it's something that won't earn
a mention at The Register's Logo Watch...

   -- Arto