Subject: Re: Sony DSC-T1 and umass
To: Bill Chiarchiaro <>
From: Wouter Klouwen <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/09/2004 15:33:49
Bill Chiarchiaro( 09:12:45 +0000:
> Patrick Mackey asked:
> > does anyone know of any good Sony Memory Stick readers that work
> > well under NetBSD?
> I have a SanDisk ImageMate 8 in 1 (SDDR-88) which handles Compact
> Flash Type I & II, SmartMedia, xD, MMC, SD, Memory Stick, and Memory
> Stick PRO.  I've been using it on the 1.6 branch with good results,
> albeit only with Compact Flash so far; I don't yet have any other
> types of memory cards.

I currently have a Belkin F5U248. Also an 8 in 1, but only CF will work
under NetBSD. The mini Belkin leaflet which came with it does say that
SD/MMC, MS, xD, etc require special drivers. These, of course, are all
automatically detected under Windows 2000 and XP, requiring no driver
installation (which is quite convinient).

Much joy comes from the ability to use CF.

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