Subject: Re: Mozilla Firebird problems on current
To: None <>
From: Tomas <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/08/2004 23:30:32
--- Soren Jacobsen <> wrote:
> If you're building with MOZILLA_USE_XFT, try running
> /usr/X11R6/bin/fc-cache -fv.  Emphasis on the
> /usr/X11R6.  I've had
> Mozilla Firebird behave as you describe.  In fact,
> it now seems to "go
> bad" at least once a week.  Rebuilding the
> fontconfig cache (_only_ with
> the fc-cache binary built from xsrc) brings it back
> to life.

Very interesting info, thank you! Does it mean that I
need to build X from source too (I'm currently runing
Xfree 4.2 which came with NetBSD 1.6)?

BTW I noticed some system apps (like pkg_delete and
pkg_add) behaving strangely and dumping core. Then I
learned that in 4th or 5th of January there were some
big kernel changes by Jaromir Dolecek. Maybe it was
just a wrong time to update and something is broken in
my system. I'm building new current now. Will see if
it helps. 


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