Subject: Re: rawrite vs. compact flash vs. vnd
To: None <>
From: Derek God3 <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/30/2003 11:18:11
could you list you're MBR and disklabel. and I assume you
using an intel host (raw part is 'd')? And no your not unique
I regualy produce CF's on intel/netbsd for windows updates and
powerpc netbsd installations. And 14MB is twice as big and it
can be. :-) ok 14Mb is very usually less isn't - unless your embedded. wrote:
> Greetings, all,
> I am in the somewhat unique position of having to generate images to
> stuff onto a CF (32MB; amazingly enough I have a 14MB distro that
> works, but that's neither here nor there.
> If I generate the image via vnd/fdisk/disklabel/newfs/mount/copy, even
> with the identical geometry to the CF, I find that the image is corrupt.
> It will not boot, but even more astounding are the facts that
>     - fsck checks the partition fine
>     - dump dumps and restore restores just fine
>     - mount complains "incorrect super block."
>     - installboot installs the boot blocks to the vnd, but it still
>       will not boot.
>     - the fdisk parameters do not transfer from the vnd to the CF.
>       (I suppose I really shouldn't be surprised at this).
> If I generate the image directly to the CF, and do fdisk/disklabel/newfs/
> mount/copy/installboot, it works (of course); a dd will produce an image
> which is bootable and usable and perfect in every way.
> The next one's for Martin Husemann, though if anyone else has any
> clues, I'd appreciate their impact:
> If I try to use rawrite32 to write this image to the CF via NT/2k, it
> seems to fail right at the end (a size fail), which suggests to me that
> one of the following is true:
>     - windows is doing some translations of which I am not aware
>     - the CF driver on windows is prepositioning its first write.
>     - rawrite is not really writing starting at block 0
>     - rawrite is inserting some things which shouldn't be there
>     - rawrite doesn't know how to deal with CF (which I find unlikely,
>       as "it's just another drive").
> The image in question is 61x1024x512 bytes (as is the CF).
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