Subject: Re: New D-Link DWL-650 Problems
To: NetBSD current list <>
From: Chris Ewert <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/29/2003 22:14:53
I don't think its cardbus.  The package says "High-Performance 16-bit PC Card"
and their tech support says that it is PCMCIA.  At any rate, I created
if_wi_cardbus.c and updated the files for config just in case but couldn't get
it to attach with cardbus and it kept showing up with at pcmcia0 even when I
commented it out in the kernel configuration.  To add to the confusion, when I
called their tech support they say that the RevP (DWL-650P1) version of this
card uses the acx100 chipset.  They also told me that the old original version
used the same chipset and looking at other mailing list posts it seems like when
other people called, D-Link has told them that the most recent card uses the
Prism 3 chipset.  Does anyone know for sure what chipset this card uses?  Its
the DWL-650 P1 or RevP card.

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Quoting David Young <>:

> Your new DWL-650 is not a 32-bit (Cardbus) card?  I think that you
> need to add a sys/dev/cardbus/if_wi_cardbus.c. You can derive it from
> pci/if_wi_pci.c.
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