Subject: Re: How do I create a FAT32 disk for use on WinXP?
To: NetBSD - current-users <>
From: Rene Schickbauer <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/17/2003 00:33:06
On Tuesday 16 December 2003 23:11, Greywolf wrote:
> Thus spake Brian Rose ("BR> ") sometime Today...
> BR> NTFS is the only way to go for drives larger than 40GB. So from
> BR> WindowsXP my only formatting option is NTFS, and I have heard all
> BR> kinds of bad things happen if a unix writes to an NTFS partition.
> Could I humbly inquire to the rest of the world what, precisely,
> is needed to get reliable R/W to an NTFS partition from UNIX-land?

An official specifikation would be nice. Preferably one that doesn't come 
along with a bucnh of Microsoft laywers and a five-page invoice.

And note: There are many versions of NTFS - five if i remember correct. 
Lucky for us that they are all incompatible in one way or another...


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