Subject: Re: How do I create a FAT32 disk for use on WinXP?
To: None <>
From: Derek God3 <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/16/2003 10:37:26
Use two 40GB FAT32 files system instead. First you will need an MBR,
I assume you doing this from an intel NetBSD so that should not be a 
	fdisk -if xxxxx
	 fdisk -iu xxxx
and set parition 0 and 1 to be both 40Mb
you might then consider disklabeling (fot netbsd's benefit)
but make sure the partitions defined above do not use the first
"track" work of disk. (so the partition will be 40Mb-(track/2))
	newfs_msdos xxxxxa
	 newfs_msdoa xxxxxb
or whatever partition disklabel thinks they are (maybe e and f -
I play with non-intel boxes so I'm not certian)

Note the MBR created by WindowsXp (not any other windows) is not
quite the same as expected by older NetBSD (or anyone else) but
WindowsXp will read to old (standard) MBR. So do this on NetBSD.

-Derek Godfrey wrote:
> I have an 80GB USB hard drive that I am using to backup files on various 
> machines (NetBSD and WindowsXP). Because of this I need to format it as 
> a FAT32 system. I am having some problems getting WindowsXP to recognize 
> the drive formatted on the NEtBSD system. I cannot format the drive as 
> FAT32, because Microsoft has decided that NTFS is the only way to go for 
> drives larger than 40GB. So from WindowsXP my only formatting option is 
> NTFS, and I have heard all kinds of bad things happen if a unix writes 
> to an NTFS partition.
> I can format the disk as FAT32 in NetBSD, but it will show up as 
> "Unallocated" in the WindowsXP Computer Management tool. I assume that 
> this is because the MBR is not correctly written. I have tried various 
> incantations of fdisk, disklabel, and newfs_msdos to no avail.
> What is the correct procedure for adding a disk to NetBSD that will be 
> useable under WindowsXP? I have been cobbling together information from 
> various sources, but I guess I'm missing something.
> Thanks in advance