Subject: Re: Mozilla oddity
To: None <>
From: Thomas Girard <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/10/2003 12:09:39
Greywolf wrote:
> I've just re-re-rebuilt mozilla from scratch using "make update" just to
> be sure I get everything relatively current.
> Modulo some minor aches with regard to getting all the interdependencies
> rebuilt, it built.
> But the reason for rebuilding it has not gone away; namely, it leaves
> big rectangular hunks of colour all over the page, adding them when
> one moves the mouse over a link on occasion.  The hunks can vary
> from link-sized to full-vertical-screen sized (they don't seem to
> travel horizontally, although sometimes if the colour block happens
> to expand to hit a link elsewhere, that can trigger another colour
> block.  This is not recursive, go figure).  Scrolling in particular seems
> to trigger this effect.
> Has anyone else experienced this phenomenon?


I have exactly the same problem here (NetBSD/i386 ZG): I see rectangular
blue hunks. It seems to be related to fonts somehow (fontconfig?
Xft2?), since pkg_delete'ing mozilla-fonts (and maybe also ms-ttf) made 
the problem disappear.

Hope this helps,


> pkgsrc was freshly updated before the rebuild.  Userland
> is of 1.6ZD vintage (kernel is 1.6-very-current (2 days ago)).
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