Subject: Crash in 1.6ZG in sysctl_kern_cptime().
To: None <>
From: Frederick Bruckman <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/06/2003 11:34:15
I got dropped into the debugger within a few minutes of booting a
1.6ZG kernel, Saturday morning's CVS (12/16/2003), when starting

db{1}> t
malloc(14,c04b8ce0,4,c,1) at netbsd:malloc+0x215
sysctl_kern_cptime(e3668efc,0,bfbff810,e3668ef0,0) at netbsd:sysctl_kern_cptime+0x11a
sysctl_dispatch(e3668ef4,2,bfbff810,e3668ef0,0) at netbsd:sysctl_dispatch+0x80
sys___sysctl(e35a5aa4,e3668f64,e3668f5c,c10db768,c0f8c000) at netbsd:sys___sysctl+0xe9
syscall_plain(e3668fa8,1f,1f,1f,1f) at netbsd:syscall_plain+0x193

This computer has dual PIII's, @500 Mhz, 512 MB RAM.

I expect kernel grovellers to produce incorrect output when the kernel
is updated (this was built against 1.6ZF), but it shouldn't panic, right?