Subject: Care for a chat? Please get back to me.
To: Current <>
From: Scant Q. Foes <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/04/2003 05:19:35

I saw your ad on a dating site, and was kind a curious, 
are you for real? I had no luck with this on-line dating stuff! I keep on getting interested in man who don't seem to care much!! I figured that out after few weeks of desperate Never mind my problems now, don't want to bug you! 
If you are for real, and you think I might interest you
(I am 28yr old designer, good looking so I've been told; easygoing, honest, friendly. To find more about me (if you are interested) click here:

If you have time check my ad, drop me a line, 
and I can assure you I won't disappoint you

Have a nice day