Subject: Re: LKM kernel version mismatch
To: Love <>
From: Andrew Brown <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/01/2003 09:30:39
>>>> is there any easy way of disabling it?  or making an lkm that will
>>>> load more "easily"?
>>>How do you determine what's 'safe' and what not? Once you
>>>dereference any kernel struct pointer (e.g. struct proc or struct lwp),
>>>there is incompatibility. Obviously it's not possible for a LKM
>>>to do anything useful and be ABI safe.
>> i'll buy that, but i'm not *doing* any of that.  at all.  that's my
>> point.  i can completely pigeonhole the api that i'm using.
>> maybe i'll just make my own kernel option to disable the check...
>So when struct sysent change, you will fall over...

uh...yeah...but that hasn't changed for almost ten years.  i almost
think we have a better chance of libc's major changing.  :)

>I think you are complaning about the wrong thing. The problem I see is that
>the version number is not related (well maybe, is it) to the kernel ABI for
>release branches, while its most certainly is for current/HEAD.

ultimately, i was just looking for a way to make the kernel shut up
and load the module.  -f seems to do the job, though it's not as quiet
as loading a module used to be.

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