Subject: Re: current on vax, problems
To: None <>
From: Brian Chase <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/22/2003 09:31:14
On Sat, 22 Nov 2003 wrote:

> > Oh yeah, and be sure to bump up all your resource limits /before/
> > starting your build.  I think I just got bitten by this one.  A groff
> > process generating the "" file just blew up on me.

> Eh, is _that_ the reason pic coredumps?  Gee, eating more than 64MB :-/

I don't know for certain.  When I started that first failed build my
limits were set to the following:

  # limit
  cputime         unlimited
  filesize        unlimited
  datasize        32768 kbytes
  stacksize       512 kbytes
  coredumpsize    unlimited
  memoryuse       19384 kbytes
  memorylocked    6461 kbytes
  maxproc         148
  openfiles       64

I know that in the past I've had /lots/ of problems with package builds
for 1.6 dying with SIGSEGVs when I started hitting memory resource
limits, so I've tried unlimiting a few of these and rebuilding.  (And
I've removed the partial file, as suggested by Johnny Billquist,
so I can verify whether it's a resource problem killing the process).

IIRC, you've done some work that's in current to allow us to have much
larger process sizes without the page tables getting so huge, yes?  I'm
very much looking forward to getting current up and running on my
system(s). :-)