Subject: Re: current on vax, problems
To: emanuel stiebler <>
From: Johnny Billquist <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/20/2003 00:03:20
On Wed, 19 Nov 2003, emanuel stiebler wrote:

> Johnny Billquist wrote:
> > 
> > The solution is to go into /usr/src/gnu/usr.bin/gcc (or wherever), and run
> > make dependall && make install with USETOOLS=no, and then run the
> > thing.
> Not that easy :(

Hmmm. Argh. Yes... It appears you need the new include files, and probably
new libs as well.

Well, okay. the easiest way around this then, is to (temporarily) apply
the following patch to the file

< # define _INTL_ASM(cname) __asm__ (_INTL_ASMNAME (__USER_LABEL_PREFIX__,
> # define _INTL_ASM(cname) __asm__ (#cname)


The do a full build, and then back out from this patch, and you should be


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