Subject: Re: SCO will soon be going after BSD
To: Peter Seebach <>
From: Rick Kelly <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/19/2003 14:34:57
Peter Seebach said:

>Er.  I think it means SCO is stupid.  I wonder if they got the UNIX
>intellectual property, but not the legal documentation associated with the
>legal battle.  My understanding is that AT&T was very lucky to escape the
>BSD settlement as easily as they did, once the court saw everything.  This
>is, of course, unsubstantiated, because the entire thing is so confidential.


1. *BSD followed the agreement and went to a 4.4BSD Lite2 codebase.
2. The "real SCO" put everything from System III back under a hobbyist
   source code license.
3. Caldera put everything from V32 back under the BSD license.
4. This was followed by the release of all previously encumbered BSD
   source code.


1. Caldera/SCO has made no attempt to disprove the theory that SYSV got
   mingled with Linux by their own software engineers.
2. Up until very recently, Caldera/SCO had the "offending" Linux source and
   binary code up for free download on their website.

Rick Kelly