Subject: Re: SHAREDSTRINGS build doesn't.
To: Christos Zoulas <>
From: Greywolf <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/19/2003 11:00:21
Thus spake Christos Zoulas ("CZ> ") sometime Today...

CZ> >1.  xstr is broken.  It reformats lines from
CZ> >	# 3 "file" token token token
CZ> >    to
CZ> >	#line 3 "file" token token token
CZ> this is fixed.

Whee!  Thanks!

CZ> >2.  static char *foo = "some string" gets replaced with
CZ> >	static char *foo = &xstr[someindex]; something which
CZ> >	gcc version 3.3.x apparently treats as an illegal construct.
CZ> This is difficult to fix without putting a better parser in xstr.

Yeh, think I noticed that, too.  I gave it a shot, but I obviously
don't understand what I'm doing. :-)

CZ> >Posted about this a while back and got no response; did it not make it
CZ> >to the list or is this deemed sufficiently nonessential that it will
CZ> >be allowed to entropy?
CZ> Well, it is not high up in the foodchain right now :-)

Thank you for getting back to me, even to say that "it is not high up
in the foodchain right now".

I'm not looking for instant gratification (read: instant fix), only that
someone has seen it and has acknowledged that it is a problem, even if
it's not considered high priority.  It's been very frustrating to find
problems, alert people of them and not even get an ACK saying "yeah,
it's a problem we're not inclined to fix for quite a while, so you
might want to find a workaround."

Time for me to hack mk.conf not to do SHAREDSTRINGS for gnu stuff. :-)

CZ> christos

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