Subject: Re: Change to bridging? (was Re: IPF and ssh
To: Julian Coleman <>
From: Mark Nelson <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/18/2003 13:13:11
On Tue, 18 Nov 2003, Julian Coleman wrote:

To be honest I don't think my machine is set up to bridge, what I have is
3 interfaces -

ex0 - connection to the net
ex1 - connection to the local lan
ex2 - connection to the DMZ

What I would expect to happen is for the packet from the remote machine
( to arrive on interface ex0 and be passed out on ex2 to the
machine connected to that switch.  The machine that is running ssh is
trying to connect to a destination port on the remote machine (ip address what is happening is that my catch all rule -

block in log from any to any

is stopping it happening.  I assumed that because I had a keep state on
the original rule

pass out quick on ex0 proto tcp from any to port = ssh flags
S/SA keep state

that any connections back to the remote machine would be passed as this is
I assumed would be an established connection, or have I got confused on
how the keep state directive works.

Any advice greatfully received.

> When I was looking at the bridge + ipf code, I noticed that all packets for
> my IP address passed through ipf on the interface which had the IP address
> assigned, not on the interface where the packet arrived on the wire.  I.e.,
>   bridged interfaces (+ipf)
>     le0
>     qe0
>     qe1
> A packet destined for arriving on the wire via qe0 or qe1 would
> show up in ipf as arriving on le0.  Is this what you mean?  I'd assumed that
> it was meant to work this way.  Was it different at some point in the past?
> (I didn't change this behaviour.)
> J
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>                     My other computer also runs NetBSD