Subject: Re: cannot access CD drives when ACPI is enabled
To: Steve Bellovin <>
From: John Franklin <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/08/2003 10:42:59
On Nov 7, 2003, at 6:06 PM, Steve Bellovin wrote:

> On a desktop machine of mine, I cannot access the CD drives in ACPI
> kernels.  This has been going on for a while; I try ACPI again every
> time there seems to have been a significant change.  I don't think =
> ever sendpr'ed it; I suppose I should...
> I've attached the dmesg and config files.  The repeated 'lost
> interrupt' messages after boot completed were from an attempt to mount
> one of the drives.

I have been seeing similar things.  i have a dual P3 (via chipset, no=20
less) that NetBSD doesn't properly route the interrupts of the onboard=20=

USB without MPACPI.  The side effect is the loss of the CD drive.

I haven't tried a single proc ACPI kernel.  I'll do that later today.

John Franklin
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