Subject: etcupdate environment change?
To: NetBSD current list <>
From: William Allen Simpson <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/06/2003 01:44:22
In updating from circa Oct 18 1.6ZD to yesterday's 1.6ZE, etcupdate 
didn't work as it had previously:

dreamer: {3} su
dreamer: {1} /home/current/src/etc/postinstall -s /home/current/src -d // fix postinstall defaults mtree rc makedev obsolete

dreamer: {2} etcupdate -s /home/current/src/etc
*** Creating /tmp/temproot
*** Populating /tmp/temproot from /home/current/src/etc
ERROR: 'MACHINE' and 'MACHINE_ARCH' must be set in environment

Tried rebooting to ensure the kernel and userland matched, same result.
This sequence had worked for some months now, so it's a definite change 
that is not reflected in the man page....

NetBSD 1.6ZE NetBSD 1.6ZE (GENERIC) #2: Wed Nov  5 18:52:14 EST 2003 i386
William Allen Simpson
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