Subject: Weird systrace failures
To: None <>
From: Christian Biere <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/29/2003 23:15:41
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[Hopefully, this isn't a double post. At first, I accidently send it to

I use systrace to "sandbox" some of my applications like mozilla, wget,
BitchX, mplayer etc. Unfortunately, on NetBSD 1.6ZD (i386), systrace
behaves somewhat weird. If the system becomes rather busy due to
compiling or a "find /" mplayer will quit because systrace refuses
several (maybe all) syscalls. If I then restart mplayer, systrace
will complain "getcwd: permission denied". Huh? A "cd ." ``fixes''
the problem and I can use mplayer again. Interestingly, mplayer
quits only when it wants to load the next file, it won't stop
playing the current file.

This happens on a single-cpu system. Has anyone else experienced
problems like this as well? I've attached the files with rules
I use for mplayer. I guess, I should PR this. However, this looks
a little fishy and I'd like to know whether anyone can reproduce
this problem.


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Policy: /usr/pkg/bin/mplayer, Emulation: netbsd
	netbsd-break: permit
	netbsd-ioctl: permit
	netbsd-write: permit
	netbsd-mmap: permit
	netbsd-__fstat13: permit
	netbsd-close: permit
	netbsd-munmap: permit
	netbsd-__sysctl: permit
	netbsd-__sigprocmask14: permit
	netbsd-timer_create: permit
	netbsd-sysarch: permit
	netbsd-rasctl: permit
	netbsd-fsread: filename match "/<non-existent filename>:*" then deny[enoent] 
	netbsd-fsread: permit
	netbsd-mprotect: permit
	netbsd-gettimeofday: permit
	netbsd-issetugid: permit
	netbsd-lseek: permit
	netbsd-read: permit
	netbsd-getuid: permit
	netbsd-geteuid: permit
	netbsd-getgid: permit
	netbsd-getegid: permit
	netbsd-fcntl: permit
	netbsd-pread: permit
	netbsd-pipe: permit
	netbsd-__sigaction_sigtramp: permit
	netbsd-socket: sockdom eq "AF_UNIX" and socktype eq "SOCK_STREAM" then permit
	netbsd-connect: sockaddr eq "/tmp/.X11-unix/X0" then permit
	netbsd-writev: permit
	netbsd-poll: permit
	netbsd-readv: permit
	netbsd-fswrite: filename eq "/dev/audio0" then permit
	netbsd-fswrite: filename eq "/dev/sound0" then permit
	netbsd-fswrite: filename eq "/dev/zero" then permit
	netbsd-fswrite: filename match "$HOME/.mplayer" then permit
	netbsd-fswrite: filename match "$HOME/.mplayer/*" then permit
	netbsd-getpid: permit
	netbsd-shmget: permit
	netbsd-shmat: permit
	netbsd-__shmctl13: permit
	netbsd-select: permit
	netbsd-nanosleep: permit
	netbsd-shmdt: permit
	netbsd-shutdown: permit
	netbsd-exit: permit


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