Subject: Re: PCI ADSL Modem cards
To: M.Negovanovic <>
From: Jason Hecker <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/29/2003 13:00:04 in Melbourne make their own low profile ADSL 
PCI card that has actively supported Linux drivers.  The chipset isn't 
the defunct ITEX though, they reckon it's better.  There is FreeBSD 
support coming very soon apparently and they might offer a free card to 
anyone who'd help with NetBSD porting.  Contact them to see.  I'm sorry 
this doesn't answer your question outright but it's an avenue for NetBSD 
to get more (recent) hardware compatible with it.

M.Negovanovic wrote:

> On Tue, Oct 28, 2003 at 06:01:30PM +0000, Mark Nelson wrote:
>>I'm about to get an ADSL connection, I'm currently running a NetBSD
>>firewall that is connected to my cable modem via a network card.  Can
>>anyone recommend a PCI based adsl modem card that is supported by
>>NetBSD.  The card I am looking at is based upon a realtek chipset, I
>>know realtek network cards work with NetBSD.
>>Any advice greatfully received
> I am not aware of any PCI ADSL modem that works under NetBSD. There were
> some binary Linux drivers(kernel modules) for Itex based cards year or
> so back but fully unofficial and unsupported.
> Could be that newer PCI modems have NIC integrated and in that case they
> should work. (basically they are no diff then external modem apart from
> being packed up on single PCI card).
> Note that in general external modems provide "better" connection. Older
> PCI ADSL modems are known not to work when u are few km away from the
> local exchange or when phone line quality is not so great.
> Regards
> Milos