Subject: Re: UDMA downgrading
To: None <>
From: Nino Dehne <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/18/2003 23:54:51
Kazushi Marukawa , Jam wrote:
> Definetely you should attach a disk at the end of IDE
> cables.  If you attach it to the middle, the end of IDE
> cable is open and it makes signal reflection.  At the era of
> UDMA33, some documentations described to attach a disk at
> the middle.  However, now, after UDMA66, all describes to
> attach a disk at the end.

On a side note, is it allowed to cut off the shorter end of a 18ft. 
80wire cable to get an overall shorter (more stable signal-wise?) one 
with only 2 connectors? I'm not sure since all the cables I have seen so 
far have their ends "wrapped up" - see b) below - at the end connectors. 
I have seen UDMA33 cables without the wrapping - a) below - so I was 
wondering whether that was just for protection against pulling force or 
if it has to do with signals. When cutting off the shorter end at the 
middle connector you would be left with a) at the end that will attach 
to the disk. Is this viable?

a)       b)      #
    #            |#
    ----         \----
    #             #

Of course it runs NetBSD.

42A5E773 - 41DE 4A4C DB34 33F7 2044  8FE0 91AA C584 42A5 E773