Subject: Re: i386 - Cannot boot from wd(Promise Ultra100) with infinite
To: None <>
From: NISHIO Yasuhiro <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/17/2003 12:27:34
Bouyer san.
> These returns "file not found" for me

I'm sorry.  It my miss typed.

    correct URL is ... 

    If you donot access it, Would you use
		(all files,  40.1kB)

    I think that You are able to access http://...../ directory
    indexing style. 
    If you canot access it, would you notify me. I'll send you the files via

> I just tried on my promise U100, I get them too. My U66 or U133 don't have
> this problem, it seems to be a quirk or the U100.

uum, I'll try to use another IDE card at this week-end if I can get it.

Thank in advance.
NISHIO Yasuhiro