Subject: Re: Sony Vaio Memstick + umass / scsipi
To: Brian A. Seklecki <>
From: Steven M. Bellovin <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/16/2003 19:31:17
In message <>, "Brian A. Seklecki" write
>With the latest changes to umass, atapi, and scsipi (per the suggestion of
>cyber @ #NetBSD/EFNet), the memory stick reader in my Vaio R505 fails to
>initalize.  Although, it no longer "hangs" for 5 mintues at boot.  I'd
>check for a PR# but I'm web-browswer-less.
>     $NetBSD: umass_quirks.c,v 1.56 2003/09/17 07:49:11 mycroft Exp $

Hmm -- I have umass_quirks.c 1.57, recommended as a cure for my USB 
Disk-On-Key problem.  And it worked.

		--Steve Bellovin,