Subject: hpcmips build breaks at sigalrm.c
To: None <>
From: Thomas Miller <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/16/2003 13:58:16

I'm trying to build hpcmips on i386.  The build breaks in 
/usr/src/regress/lib/libc/siginfo/sigalrm/sigalrm.c. Could  
someone please tell me where is my mistake?

Here is `uname -a` :

NetBSD 1.6ZC NetBSD 1.6ZC (GENERIC) #1: Sat Oct 11 10:17:20 EDT 2003 i386

Here is what I am doing (as root):  

 [ update /usr/src with cvs about 22:45 Boston local time October 14 ]

 [ successfully build i386 and macppc kernels, distributions, and releases ] 

cd /usr/src

rm -r /usr/obj

mkdir /usr/obj

./ -m hpcmips tools kernel=GENERIC

 [ kernel seems to compile okay, but not tested yet ]

./ -m hpcmips -U distribution | tee /usr/obj/errs.hpcmips

 [ many lines of successful stuff omitted :-), but then. . . ]

echo "set solib-absolute-prefix /usr/src/obj/destdir.hpcmips" > .gdbinit
/usr/src/obj/tooldir.NetBSD-1.6ZC-i386/bin/mipsel--netbsd-gcc -O2   -Werror    -nostdinc -isystem /usr/src/obj/destdir.hpcmips/usr/include  -c    /usr/src/regress/lib/libc/siginfo/sigalrm/sigalrm.c

*** Failed target:  sigalrm.o
*** Failed command: /usr/src/obj/tooldir.NetBSD-1.6ZC-i386/bin/mipsel--netbsd-gcc -O2 -Werror -nostdinc -isystem /usr/src/obj/destdir.hpcmips/usr/include -c /usr/src/regress/lib/libc/siginfo/sigalrm/sigalrm.c
*** Error code 1

nbmake: stopped in /usr/src/regress/lib/libc/siginfo/sigalrm