Subject: Re: ESS1879 sound issues
To: None <>
From: Holger Rasch <Holger.Rasch@Informatik.Uni-Oldenburg.DE>
List: current-users
Date: 10/15/2003 14:56:31
On Tue, 14 Oct 2003 wrote:
> Hmm, this looks pretty much exactly like my configuration down to the same
> IRQ and everything. However, I'm still unable to get mine configured by
> the kernel. I did try isapnp first because the kernel reports the audio
> device on isapnp0, but I'm not certain that this is the right way to do
> it. I have also uncommenting the ess0 device on isa? in the GENERIC
> kernel. However, I didn't comment out the original ess device. Should I be
> doing this?

The manual page for isapnp says:
   [...] The isapnp bus ignores  device that have already been found
   and configured as isa(4) devices.  The isapnp bus is only effective
   on machines which lack a PnP BIOS, or on which the PnP BIOS has
   been disabled. [...]

So that should not be necessary. I have no idea why it is not found
on the isa bus with your config.

> Was that all you did (just uncomment the isa "ess0" device) ? I've tried
> that and I still only this:
> isapnp0: read port 0x203
> isapnp0: <ESS ES1879 Plug and Play AudioD, ESS0009, , > port 0x800/8 not configured
> isapnp0: <ESS ES1879 Plug and Play AudioD, ESS1879, , > port 0x220/16,0x388/4,0x330/2 irq 5 drq 1,0 not configured

Since your ess does appear at isapnp I think you should use it that way;
Charles M. Hannum already suggested a change to the respective files.

Good luck,