Subject: make release fails
To: None <>
From: Martti Kuparinen <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/14/2003 10:44:24

I'm creating a installation CD for my Dell PERC 4/Di test but I can't
build a release from today's sources (it worked last week). Any ideas?


# ./ -D /var/tmp/d -R /var/tmp/r release
all ===> i386/floppies/bootfloppy
Copying /var/tmp/d/usr/mdec/boot to boot
Copying /usr/obj/usr/src/distrib/i386/floppies/instkernel/netbsd-INSTALL.gz to 
Creating boot1.fs from: boot  netbsd
PAX=/usr/obj/tools/bin/nbpax sh /usr/src/distrib/common/  -i 
"/usr/obj/tools/bin/nbinstallboot  -mi386 @IMAGE@ 
/var/tmp/d/usr/mdec/bootxx_ustarfs"   -m 2 -s .fs  boot 2880 boot  netbsd
Running instboot: /usr/obj/tools/bin/nbinstallboot -mi386 floppy.9798.tar 
nbinstallboot: BPB has non-zero byte at offset 62 in 
nbinstallboot: Set bootstrap operation failed