Subject: Two observations.
To: None <>
From: Richard Rauch <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/13/2003 04:12:52
Well, I'm back running -current.  (The machine I had set aside for that
got stuck running MonopolySoft's GUI briefly, then I had some troubles
building -current from 1.6...)

I've noticed a couple of things, aside from difficulties in cross-bulding
from 1.6 (thise problems have been discussed here before by others; I think
that there are real problems and someone with better knowledge should start
with a "make clean" on 1.6 and try to build -current---or else designate
a minimum snap-shot date that can be used to start building):

 * I have non-standard partitioning on my laptop.  I didn't want to recreate
   it, so I went with "use existing" (I think that this was during an
   install; during a merge of /etc after an initial install, I botched
   something and decided just to re-install and restore /etc from backup).

   The sysinst tool apparently did NOT mount /dev/wd0a, and instead
   quickly filled up the /mnt *directory* (on ramdisk?), producing a
   stream of errors.

   I killed the process, cleaned up the the files, restarted the
   install, but used ^Z to suspend, and manually mounted, just before
   sysinst began to unpack.  Everything seemed okay, then.

   There wast at least one other sysinst oddity, though.  I asked
   it *not* to install the etc.tgz.  It still moved my old /etc
   to /etc.old.

   (Actually, I do not now remember if it was "update", or
    "install", or just "unpack sets" that I selected when the /etc dir
    was incorrectly relocated.)

   (Yes, I wound up doing an install from a CD I made from a snapshot.
    It seemed better than trying to keep fighting the build process.
    If anyone in Houston wants a CD of NetBSD/i386 -current, I have a
    spare, now (I burned a more recent version after a successful
    build, rather than installing via

 * After getting it humming along again, I find that my ttyactions
   file is no longer working as it used to.

   In particular, I have arranged to print a couple of escape sequences
   to the terminal between logins.  These clear the display and home the

   Now, when those are printed, they just show up as ^[[H, etc.

   Has anyone changed the way that terminal emulations are selected, or
   arranged to disable them between logins?  Or is there something in
   /etc that could govern this?

  "I probably don't know what I'm talking about."