Subject: Re: logitech cordless (optical freedom pro) half-working
To: Daniel Carosone <>
From: Greywolf <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/09/2003 19:25:33
Thus spake Daniel Carosone ("DC> ") sometime Tomorrow...

DC> > My keyboard (with all the little "other" keys on it) seems not to be
DC> > transmitting anything for all the "other" keys.  I'm not horribly
DC> > attached to having the utility keys do anything, but the suspend key,
DC> > the on-keyboard wheel, and the multimedia control (volume jogger, stop,
DC> > play/pause, back, and next) would be really nice to have working.
DC> >
DC> > This is a USB kb acting as my console kb; in that capacity it works quite
DC> > well.
DC> >
DC> > KB_US|KB_SWAPCTRLCAPS is the keyboard flagset I am using; is there some-
DC> > thing else I should be doing?
DC> Look at the probe messages, there are probably a bunch of other
DC> usbhid functions and devices being attached.  you can get at the
DC> events generated by these with usbhidaction(1) and usbhidctl(1)


DC> Looking for events from the main keyboard, eg with xev(1), will
DC> miss them.

I was using "cat /dev/wskbd", actually.

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