To: None <>
From: Glendon M. Gross <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/07/2003 16:00:28
After a CVS update I was finally able to build a GENERIC.MP  kernel for
i386 and it works fine.  But when I try to cross-compile for the SPARC
architecture, the SMP (GENERIC.MP) build completes but displays an
"illegal instruction" message upon booting.  Does anyone know if this
problem has been resolved or is this a known issue?  The GENERIC kernel
cross-compiles and boots fine.  For some reason I am still unable to
build the world, but will keep trying.

I have dmesg output for the kernels that work if anyone is interested,
and build logs.  The hardware is a dual-processor SparcStation 10.


Glendon Gross