Subject: FreeBSD hosted build problem: mtree and user_from_uid()
To: None <>
From: Mark Valentine <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/07/2003 23:17:02
Looks like I just have one little problem left before I have a successful
NetBSD release build on my FreeBSD system (after fixing some bugs in the
FreeBSD shell and printf utility to get this far!).

I'm doing an unprivileged build, and the symptom is pax bailing out when
creating base.tgz due to an unknown user name "ftp".

I can isolate the problem as follows:

  $ nbmtree -C -k all -N /netbsd/i386/etc <<EOF
  /set type=dir
  ./foo uname=named
  . type=dir 
  ./foo type=dir uname=ftp 

The user "named" is uid 14 in NetBSD; uid 14 in FreeBSD is user "ftp"...

It seems that mtree is linking in its own pwcache_userdb(), but using the
host's user_from_uid()!  Is this likely to work?!

I *hate* GNU configure, and anyway my little brain's had enough for the
day.  Anyone familiar with the way the compat library is built care to
volunteer a suggestion?



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