Subject: Re: GENERIC.MP with Intel P4 HT
To: None <>
From: Martti Kuparinen <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/06/2003 13:06:23
Christos Zoulas wrote:

>>How can I detect the "second" CPU on my 2.8GHz Intel P4 with HT?
>>Hyperthreading is enabled in the BIOS...
> You need MPACPI defined, because the second CPU is only defined in the
> ACPI tables, and not the MPBIOS ones.

Hmmm, something is wrong.

../../../../arch/x86/x86/acpi_machdep.c: In function 
../../../../arch/x86/x86/acpi_machdep.c:120: warning: unused variable `i'
../../../../arch/x86/x86/acpi_machdep.c:120: warning: unused variable `h'

What's wrong with this configuration file?

include "arch/i386/conf/GENERIC"

options         MULTIPROCESSOR
options         COM_MPLOCK      # com MP locking; REQUIRED on MP i386

options         APM_NO_IDLE
options         LOCKDEBUG
options         MPDEBUG
options         MPVERBOSE
options         DEBUG
options         MPACPI          # configure CPUs and APICs using ACPI

acpi*           at mainbus?
acpiacad*       at acpi?                # ACPI AC Adapter
acpibat*        at acpi?                # ACPI Battery
acpibut*        at acpi?                # ACPI Button
acpiec*         at acpi?                # ACPI Embedded Controller
acpilid*        at acpi?                # ACPI Lid Switch
acpitz*         at acpi?                # ACPI Thermal Zone
com*            at acpi?                # Serial communications interface
fdc*            at acpi?                # Floppy disk controller
lpt*            at acpi?                # Parallel port
npx*            at acpi?                # Math coprocessor
pckbc*          at acpi?                # PC keyboard controller